About Ron Bedonie

Contemporary silversmith Ron Bedonie was born in 1967. He comes from a long line of Navajo silversmiths, carrying on a family tradition of creating fine silver jewelry. Ron Bedonie began his career as a silversmith when he was just twenty years old; he learnt various silversmithing techniques from his parents Lutricia Yellowhair and John Bedonie Senior, already established Navajo artists who taught him soldering techniques before moving on to learn stamping from his cousin Jim Thomas.

Ron Bedonie’s jewelry is outstanding, because it is first of all exceptionally well designed. Ron creates absolutely breathtaking pieces of silver jewelry using only natural turquoise stones. What also stands out about Ron Bedonie is his unmatched technical skill in rendering beautifully executed stamped, chiseled and filed patterns on the surface of his bracelets, concho belts, bolos, buckles, necklesses and rings.

Ron Bedonie creates his own stamps and chisels, sketching out his designs beforehand and sometimes even making his tools from old automobile parts. The extraordinary stamps and chiseling that defines Ron Bedonie’s work has earned the artist many awards.

As well as making silver jewelry, Ron Bedonie also makes miniature containers in all sorts of unusual forms.

Ron Bedonie Buckle

Jewelry from Ron Bedonie

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Rare Ron Bedonie Ranger Set
Ron Bedonie Buckle
Ron Bedonie Morenci Bolo Tie